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Streaming On Prime Video 2023


Created By: Saige Walker 
Developed & Written by: Saige Walker & Matthew Rogers Harrison
Velvet Prozak poster
In this half-hour comedy series Bartholomew Fogglehorn, a young actor, moves to Hollywood with dreams of becoming a star. Barth escapes his life of Murphy's Law by disappearing into his own elaborate, movie star day dreams and music video style fantasies through his alter ego, Velvet Prozak. 

Velvet Prozak revolves around Bartholomew (Barth) Fogglehorn, a nerdy millennial from Florida with a dream of becoming a Hollywood star. A journey through a figurative rabbit hole to a place called Hollywood. Each episode in this stoner comedy stand-alone but remain part of the story through character relationships, themes and the world Barth’s journey takes place in. Stoner Brian (StonerB), becomes his best friend who helps Bartholomew navigate the journey a head filled with an array of Hollywood characters. In each episode, differ-ent obstacles block the path and anything that can go wrong, does go wrong! Bartholomew finds himself in the reality of day today struggles, trying to make it in Hollywood. He encounters pre-carious situations and gets good and bad  advice from his Hollywood community of friends. The mysterious, dark, fantasy character that Bartholomew interacts with dubbed Velvet Prozak gives Bartholomew alternative advice in his pursuit of fame and fortune. He learns important lessons through the episodes. A twist, he realizes Velvet Prozak, a slick hustler, pop music singer and star in his own mind is his alter ego. When Barth’s immersed in his Velvet Prozak phantasmagoric alter personality, he disappears into elaborate, mov
ie star adventures and music video style.
He mus
t find the balance between the two to make it on his own terms as a Hollywood star.

The Adventures of Velvet Prozak pilot presentation debuted first on Youtube and within thirty days of its release earned one million views world wide. The Adventures of Velvet Prozak Pilot Presentation was created by show creator and executive producer, Saige Walker.

Velvet Prozak Series is developed and written by: Saige Walker & Matthew Rogers Harrison
The director is Andy Lauer with director of photography Massimo Zeri and casting director is Craig Campobasso, CSA.

Episodes guest star Lou Ferrigno, David DeLuise and many more name talented actors in each stand alone episode. Four half hour episodes have been produced for a five episodic, 1st season on Amazon's Prime Video and other streaming platforms. Another 2nd season is developed and written with a four or more season story arc.



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